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Dragon is a mythical creature that has been described and illustrated in many stories, novels, and films. The contemporary popularity of Game of Thrones and How to Train Your Dragon has revealed the craze of this fantastic creature among us. To be honest, we just love this creature though it’s frightening and imaginary. It explains why we named Pitaya the Dragon Fruit just because it looks somewhat like a dragon when it is with the plant.   

Just imagine how a dragon fruit would taste when you are watching Daenerys Targaryen riding her dragon. Wait! What does a dragon fruit taste like actually? Let’s discuss that first.

What is a Dragon Fruit?

What is Dragon FruitDragon fruit, also known as Pitaya, originated in Southeast Asia but it is also available in America and the middle-east especially Israel. It comes from a plant that is actually a type of cactus. Generally, summer is known as the dragon fruit season but it can be available in the fall also.

Dragon fruit has three variants according to its color on the outside and in the inside. The three varieties are:

  • Pink Dragon Fruit with white flesh
  • Pink Dragon Fruit with red flesh
  • Yellow Dragon Fruit with white flesh

Dragon fruit has lots of medical benefits as well. It has a low-calorie count and it offers a good amount of phosphorus, Vitamin C, and calcium. It is also a good source of fiber and antioxidants.

What Does Dragon Fruit Taste Like?

The taste of dragon fruit stems from the center of the fruit as it is covered with a cushion-like skin. If you cut the fruit, you will also find a lot of tiny black seeds integrated with its white or red flesh. These seeds are also edible.

Different food has a different taste and different people experience taste differently. So, the actual taste of any food or anything is very difficult to describe. However, there is a general opinion on how dragon fruit taste:

  • Dragon fruit tastes somewhat like a cross-mixture of a kiwi and a pear.
  • For many other people, dragon fruit tastes a cross-mixture of a kiwi and melon.

Dragon Fruit Taste According to Varieties

  • Pink dragon fruit with white flesh is believed to have a refreshing flavor with a light hint of tang.
  • The red flesh dragon fruit tastes sweeter. Some people also say that it tastes like raspberries. It is richer in antioxidants and soluble fiber.
  • The yellow skin dragon fruit tastes a little less sweet than the red skin dragon fruit.

How to Choose Dragon Fruit?

How to choose dragon fruitFor having the best taste of dragon fruit, choosing a well-ripe fruit is very important. Follow the tips to choose a dragon fruit:

  • Choose the dragon fruit that has an evenly colored skin.
  • If the leaves of the dragon fruit are very dry or brown or the skin has different colors, then it might be overripe.
  • The skin of the dragon fruit should feel firm in your hand; not too soft and not too firm.
  • Dragon fruits are delicious when they are ripe and fresh. Press the skin slightly with your fingertips to check if it’s ripe and not overripe.
  • Avoid the fruits which have dark spots or bruises.

How to Cut Dragon Fruit?

How to cut dragon fruitFollow the steps to cut the Dragon Fruit in Half:

  • Take a sharp knife and place the dragon fruit on the cutting board.
  • Keeping the skin untouched, cut the fruit lengthwise at the middle.

Follow the steps to spoon out the flesh from the half cut fruit:

  • See the layer between the pink or yellow skin and the flesh.
  • Now, slide the spoon through the layer of the skin and cut out the flesh.

How to Prepare Dragon Fruit for Better Taste?

With dragon fruit, you can make different kinds of salad and smoothies. The most common ways to eat dragon fruit are the dragon fruit shake and dragon fruit salad. Let’s see how to prepare them:

Dragon Fruit Shake

Dragon Fruit ShakeThe dragon fruit shake can increase the taste of this fruit. Let’s see how to make it:

Ingredients that you need

  • One large dragon fruit (pitaya)
  • Two peeled and segmented tangerines
  • One lime (juiced)
  • Four basil leaves
  • Two tablespoons full of brown sugar
  • One cup of mineral water (chilled)
  • One cup of crushed ice

Now, follow the steps

  • Cut the dragon fruit and spoon out the flesh
  • Put all other ingredients with the spooned dragon fruit in a blender
  • Blend it until it gets smooth
  • Pour it in a glass and garnish the glass with a slice of dragon fruit

Nutrition Facts

One dragon fruit shake contains:

  • 149 calories
  • 0.8 grams fat
  • 40 grams carbohydrates
  • 1.4 grams protein
  • Zero cholesterol
  • 9-milligram sodium

Dragon Fruit Salad

Dragon Fruit SaladDragon fruit salad is a very healthy item to include in your diet. Let’s see how to make it:   

Ingredients that you need

  • One large dragon fruit (must be ripe)
  • Half cup red seedless grapes (halved)
  • Lemon juice (half of a medium size lemon)
  • One teaspoon full of honey
  • 1/3 cup Greek yogurt
  • Two tablespoons full of mayonnaise
  • Half teaspoon kosher salt
  • One small apple (cut into 2/3 pieces)
  • Half teaspoon grated ginger
  • Half cup fresh cilantro leaves (chopped)
  • 7 t0 10 cashews (roughly chopped)
  • 4 iceberg lettuce (chopped)

Follow the directions

  • Cut the dragon fruit in half lengthwise.
  • Spoon out the flesh and cut each half into another to make thin triangles.
  • Put the yogurt, lemon juice, honey, ginger, mayonnaise, and salt in a large bowl and whisk them together.
  • Now, add 3 or 4 pieces of the dragon fruit, pieces of the apple, grapes, and 3 or 4 of both the cilantro and the cashews to the bowl and whisk them to combine.
  • Put the bowl in the refrigerator for about 1 hour.
  • Get the bowl out of the refrigerator and add a lettuce and the remaining cashews, dragon fruit, and other things to garnish the salad.

Benefits of Dragon Fruit

  • It is just not for its taste, dragon fruits are also eaten as a good source of nutrition and vitamin.
  • Dragon fruits are high in calcium, phosphorus, vitamin C, fiber, and antioxidants which are helpful for our health in many ways.
  • Most importantly, dragon fruit does not contain any fat or cholesterol.
  • The seeds and center of dragon fruit contain a little amount of monounsaturated fat and protein. Both of these nutrients are good for health.
  • Dragon fruit is also a very good source of dietary fiber that helps you increase your metabolism.
  • Dragon fruit also helps our body to control blood sugar levels and regulate diabetes.

How to Store Dragon Fruit?

Ripe dragon fruits remain fresh for one to two days. You can also store them longer by following these steps:

  • Put the fruits in a plastic bag which sealed and airproof.
  • Then, store them in the refrigerator.
  • Sealing is important because dragon fruits take in the odor of other fruits and food.
  • Cutting the dragon fruit makes it more difficult to store. However, it can still be stored in a tightly sealed container in the refrigerator just like the most cut fruits.

In the conclusion, perhaps the taste of dragon fruit is not as great as it looks but it has so many health benefits that make it a great fruit choice in your diet. To be honest, you should not be concerned about how dragon fruit tastes if you want to eat this fruit for its health benefits. However, the taste of dragon fruit is not bad at all. So, you can add this great fruit to your diet without worries.

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