How Does a Water Cooler Work

Nowadays, there are harmful bacteria and toxins in water. Before drinking water, you need to ensure if the water is safe or not. The easiest way of purify water is to use filtration system.

We love refreshing and cool water that we get from the water cooler. We can get the cool water in our home, school or office instantly by using a water cooler. Water cooler works like air-conditioner and refrigerator by converting fluids from high temperature to lower. In this article, we are going to give you an idea about how does a water cooler work.

How Does a Water Cooler Work?

Commonly a water cooler or a water dispenser is located in such a place where the drain line is nearby. It comes in various forms, such as bi-level units, wall-mounted, bottle filter units and many other factors. There are two categories of a water coolers – bottled water cooler and POU or point of use water cooler. Bottled water coolers require water in big bottles from retailer but POU water dispenser is directly connected with the pipe line.

Moreover, bottled coolers use 4-6 gallon of water that is found in the top of the cooler. On the other side, the POU water cooler has a refine chamber that ensures the dispensed water is healthy. It has an osmosis process which helps to remove unwanted molecules, ions and bigger particles. Some models provide us both cold and hot water.

Water Cooling Principles

Now we will explain how a water cooler works. To convert the heat of the cooler from higher to lower level, you must need a liquid in the cooler that could balance the temperature. According to the construction of the cooler, there are about two process- By thermoelectricity and by a refrigerant.

The reserved water in the cooler is cooled through using a compressor. The compressor in the company of the refrigerant absorbs the heat of the water in the reservoir and by losing the high temperature water becomes cold. The refrigerant has a wondrous chemical nature that could cool the water and convert the temperature below your room temperature.

The thermoelectricity process depends on the Peltier effect. Two conductive plates which is connected by a semiconductor helps passing the heat in the thermoelectric cooling process. There are some advantages of this cooling system, such as less leakages, long lasting, portable, and nonappearance of the circulating medium. Though there are advantages, the compression process by a refrigerant is popular among everyone.

The Mechanism of Cooling

The water in the cooler refills the reservoir constantly. The cooler is surrounded by the coils with a refrigerant that flows within the reservoir and the coils. The cooling process works with four important compartments. They are-

  1. The compressor
  2. The expansion valves
  3. The evaporator
  4. The condenser

The first part is the compressor and it passes the refrigerant to the condenser with pressure and a high temperature. With higher pressure, it compresses the refrigerant through using the piston that could reduce the quantity of the gas. This helps translating the volume to more wreck inside a small area that rises the heat of the molecules and passes to the condenser.

The second part is the condenser and it cools the heat of the refrigerant. The condenser is surrounded by coils that passes the refrigerant and gives it an average heat and pressure to this liquid refrigerant. After that, the refrigerant passes by the expansion valves.

Expansion valves decrease the heat and pressure of the liquid refrigerant and give it a wide space. This extends volume that makes the temperature low. After this successful process, the refrigerant becomes cold and passes to evaporator.

The last part is the evaporator and here the hot air becomes cool through a fan. The evaporator observes heat to itself by making the refrigerant cooler. When the refrigerant starts boiling, it becomes vapor and then passes through pipes into the compressor and the whole process repeats these steps to cool the water.

Cooling Water

Most popular dispenser- the bottled water dispenser gives you the easiest way of the cooling process. You have to make a hole by using the spike after placing it in the top of the cooler. This helps you to let the water flow in the water cooler. The reservoir becomes fill with water and the pipes filled with a refrigerant around it makes the water cold.

After passing the compressor, the gas refrigerant went into the valves to become more cold. This continuous cycle cools the water in the reservoir and the pipe transfers the heat while passing the cold. If the water is exhausted in the reservoir, you need to wait for some time for getting the cold water again.


Pure and clean water in essential for everyone specially for the child’s proper physical and mental health. It is also important to drink filtered water for pregnant woman because tap water could cause some birth defects. So, to stay safe and healthy everyone should drink pure filtered water.

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