How To Clean Your Hedge Trimmer Blades

We know how it feels when your garden gets full of shapeless bushes, trees and shrubs. The first thing that comes on your mind is to get some immediate decontamination of those plants. A hedge trimmer can make the cleaning thing easy-as-pie.

But the maintenance of a hedge trimmer can be backbreaking. You need to clean and lubricate its blades after every use.  If it’s left that way, it can affect the sharpness of the blades and they can go rusty with a few usages.

You need proper steps to follow in order to increase the lifespan of a hedge trimmer.

How To Clean Your Hedge Trimmer Blades

  1. Get a bowl full of warm soapy water, a piece of old cloth and a small scrubbing brush.
  2. Dip the piece of cloth into the water until it’s completely soaked. Hold the hedge trimmer upside down to make sure no water reaches the motor of the hedge trimmer. Start wiping the blades with the cloth gently lest you should cut off your hands.
  3. Start to work with the scrubbing brush to clean the teeth of the trimmer. Focus on the dirt and clean them off.
  4. Once you’re done with the scrubbing, take the wet cloth again and wipe off the dust that came out from scrubbing. So you’re finished cleaning this side.
  5. Turn your hedge trimmer over and repeat the same process on this side.
  6. When both sides are scrubbed, wring out the wet cloth and wipe off the whole trimmer.
  7. Now keep your hedge trimmer in a place so it should dry out fast.

Hopefully, you got a proper idea on how to clean your hedge trimmer blades. You can even use some alcohol while cleaning it so it gets disinfected.

Now it’s time to lubricate your hedge trimmer blades. This will prevent your hedger blades from getting rusty.

How To Lubricate Hedge Trimmer Blades

If you want your hedge trimmer to stay in good condition then you have to clean and lubricate it after each use. Some people love to lubricate their trimmer blades even before using it each time. This makes the trimmer to stop the saps you are cutting from getting stuck in the blades. It makes the mowing and pruning much easier.

Let’s learn to lubricate hedge trimmer blades…

  1. Make sure you unplugged your hedge trimmer and the blades ain’t moving.
  2. If your hedge trimmer is a manual one, take a pan and pour some oil on it. Now dip the blades into the oil safely.


If your hedge trimmer is electric or battery operated, take an old cloth and apply oil on the blades with it. You can also spray oil on the blades from a spray can. If you find any rust on the blade, rub that particular spot with a cloth until it’s cleared. Or use soap/cleaner to remove those stubborn rust.

  1. Now comes the teeth of the blades. Take a piece of cloth, put a few drops of oil in it. Weave the piece of cloth through each and every tooth of the blade. You have to keep this part of the hedge trimmer rust-free if you want your trimmer to work for you properly.

Choose Your Oil

Choosing the perfect oil to lubricate your hedge trimmer is an easy thing.  But you can’t use home oils for this purpose while any good commercial oil can do the job smoothly. Try to find an oil that’s not too toxic and plant friendly.

Most companies will provide oil when a hedge trimmer is bought from them. Or you can check the manual book if they mentioned any specific one to be used on that particular model.

If they didn’t recommend any, go for a 3 in 1 oil for your hedge trimmer. Stick to fresh ones and store them in a dark, cool place.

We believe it got easier for you to decode the whole process of cleaning and lubricating your hedge trimmer blades. There are plenty of different models available for hedge trimmers but almost all of them come in the same shape. So you won’t have a problem while you start cleaning your hedge trimmer blades after reading this article.

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