how to fix a double flushing toilet

Double flushing toilets are popular these days and you may have not noticed it before using this toilet. But though you use them, you didn’t even know that how does it work or how to fix it appropriately. This article will helps fixing dual flushing toilets easily.

The Mechanism of Dual Flush Toilets

Before we get down to business, you need to understand how exactly the dual flush toilet works. The dual flush toilet does not have tube action that makes the plunger not as much of valuable. It has a big hole at the rear end for easy flushing system which requires less power and less water. In order to forget the problems in other traditional flushers you should use the dual flush toilet underwater diver or plunger. You can use the toilet brush as a very useful tool because you don’t use much power.

How to Fix a Double Flush Toilet?

Dual flushing toilets flush water twice only with one press of your handle. It is more likely to everyone because it flushes more water and stays open long. It works with a flapper and you will need an adjustable flapper to do this thing correctly and quickly. The flapper should go straight up and down from the lever and the slack should not too tight otherwise, it may not work adequately.

After using the dual flush toilet for a long period of time, you might find that the flush isn’t working well like before. This happens because the dirt and lime deposits stuck in the holes and slowing the flow of the water. To get rid of this problem, you need to remove the deposits or fix the dual flush system. To fix it you should know that how to fix it.

You should better call a plumber because it is safe not to do this to your own. The plumber could find out the problem and they have the necessary tools and other parts that you would need to fix it. Moreover, you can also do this work if you are careful and follow the rules that is given below.

Step 1:

You need to adjust the flapper to flush a lesser amount of water if you have an adjustable flapper. Raise the float of the water for a float style flapper. You have to turn on the dial to open the large holes with a cone style flapper and this helps avoiding double flushes. You should replace the flapper if you don’t have any adjustable flapper.

Step 2:

Shut the water supply off because your toilet must be dry when doing this work.

Step 3:

To remove the excess water, flush your toilet and take out the old flapper.

Step 4:

Attach the ears of the flapper to tabs of the valve while installing the new flapper. This might depend on the new flapper model.

Step 5:

Attach the flush lever to the flapper chain. Ensure that the chain has least slack and working straight up and down from the lever.

Step 6:

After completing the installation process, turn on the water supply.

Now that you know how to troubleshoot the problem and fix the double flushing issue all by yourself, go on and see how the result comes up. We will be eager to hear from you soon about your experience.

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