How to Install Water Bottle Cage on Bike Without Holes

The lack of bottle mounts on the bike is the reason for you to get annoyed. Have you decided to change your bike just because of not having the bottle mounts? It is nothing but foolishness to buy a new bike only for this small issue. Here are the tips for you about how you would install a bottle mount without holes.

How to Install Bottle Cage Without Holes?

Water bottle cage is a device which is used to put water bottles on your bike. You could easily make it on the bike. You could use various materials for this cage such as plastic, titanium, carbon fiber, or stainless steel.

The water bottle mount or cage is very necessary for every bike rider. Because while riding a long way in the scorching hot sun, you might face dehydration problem. The sun sucks the moisture and make your throat completely dry. In that time drinking water is the only solution for you. Thus, you need to carry a bike water bottle with you always and make a cage on your bike for this bottle.

Before making the bottle mount, you have to learn that how you would install the mount on your bike. Generally, you just fix the cage on the frame holes of your bike. But the problem arises when you find that there is no hole to fix the bottle cage. You needn’t worry at all! There are some ways to solve this problem. Here, I am going to describe them.

Drilling the holes:

Drilling holes on your bike’s frame might be our good choice. By drilling, you would be able to fix the clamp on the bike for storing water bottle. Here are the steps that you should follow to do this job.

Step 1: You have to mark out the dimensions at first. Take a measurement tape and mark the widths and lengths of the connection clamps. In the place where you are going to set the clamp, just transfer the measurements on that part of the frame.

Step 2: After taking the measurement, you need to drill the holes on the frame using a drilling device. You should do this work gently and slowly because a little bit mistake could cause harm to the parts of your bike. It is better to use a power drill machine.

Step 3: You have to insert the clamp on the frame next. Be meticulous and slow when doing this and after this shake it a little to see that the clamp is fixed completely. You need to be careful as it could damage the outer part of your bike.

Step 4: Tighten the lock by screwing it properly that it doesn’t fall off. But do not tighten too much as it might break the components and parts of your bike frame and the clamp.

Step 5: Now the bottle cage is ready to use. Fix the water bottle to the cage firmly. Try to ride with this cage because it is important to notice that the bottle is fixed firmly in the slot or not. If you find any looseness, tighten them again using a screwdriver and check again that everything is ok.

Using mounts:

To avoid drilling, you could use readymade clamps and these clamps don’t need holes to attach. They are removable that might helpful for you in many cases. Here are some examples of them.

  1. Bottle cage clamps

This is such a water cage that comes along with its clamps. You just need to choose a right place to set this. The place should be comfortable for you to use your bottle easily.

  1. Strap on bottle holder

This type of water bottle holder contains two strong Velcro straps which could fixed the cage anywhere of the frame. The strap of the cage is removable and that’s why it becomes a great choice for many people.

  1. Zip tie

Zip tie is an inexpensive way for your bike bottle cages. The trusty zip ties are available and you just have to fasten them to the bike frame securely and your cage is ready to carry bottles. But the only problem is that it becomes loose easily. So, you should replace them when necessary.

  1. Handlebar mounts

If you feel the need of water a bit soon, this type of mounts would be a good choice for you. These cages are mounted on the bike’s handlebar. Thus, it is easier and suitable to access. You just have to attach this cage to the handlebar easily.

  1. Cages with tabs

Water bottle cages with tabs have small tabs that stick out at the bottom and the top. You have to wrap the tabs and the bike frame with electrical tape and just put a few rounds over them. this type of tabs accelerates the process of installation and handling. They could give the close-fitting support for your water bottles.

The information given above might be useful for you. Make the right use of all this information and get benefitted. There are many options here, but it is up to you that which one you would select.

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